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Featuring Our Line of Manway Cannon Rentals

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Need help with your next tank cleaning project? Remote controlled cannons allow you to reduce risk and increase safety by limiting man entry during the tank cleaning process.

Industrial Fluid Management offers an innovative solution for your tank cleaning problems.

An Innovative Solution For Your Tank Cleaning Problems

Introducing Industrial Fluid Management's Manway Cannon!

With the help of technology our manway cannon system offers not only a more precise but safer alternative to traditional methods.

Why use our Manway Cannons?

  • Reduce downtime due to visibility and increased efficiency
  • Lower costs because of the reduction of waste and manpower
  • Increase safety due to its non-entry operation


Our manway cannon packages are available for sale and for rent.

These packages are heavily used in the petrochemical market during routine tank cleaning , inspections, and turnarounds.

Unique Features

Our completely customized manway cannon features a dual axle bumper pull trailer housing a hydraulically driven manway cannon and climate controlled work station.

Interchangeable nozzle tips from 1” to 1-1/4”.

Variable nozzles give  the user options based on their specific application. Smaller nozzle (1”) reduces diluent use (around 423gpm) which reduces disposal cost. Larger nozzle (1.25”) uses more volume (660gpm) but the larger volume brings larger cleaning power.

Accurate movement.

The oversized hydraulic motor allows for no delay between the joystick movement and the movement of the cannon. This increases the cleaning efficiency allowing for precise control. 

Hydraulic controlled Umbilical reel for ease of removal.

All 300ft of hydraulic hose and video cable roll up onto a hydraulically driven reel. This allows for easy pack-up at the end of the job.

LED Infrared Explosion proof light 

Using LED vs Halogen reduces the heat of the light and prevents the light cover from building a film on the glass and in turn reduces the illumination. Infrared over standard LED slightly reduces glare back off mist in the tank during cleaning. 

Effective jet range 115 ft.

Can clean more of the tank without having to relocate the cannon to another manway or entry point on the tank.

Camera Zoom has 37x zoom.

The high power zoom and LED light assist in adequately inspecting the tank for cleanliness without having to enter the tank. Can also be used by the tank owner to visually inspect tank floor conditions and shell conditions.

Cleaning Medium can be Diesel, Crude Oil, and water.

Versatile on the use of cleaning medium. Cleaning medium selection is up to the customer based on their specific application. 

Rent a Manway Cannon Today!

Contact our team for pricing and to reserve a manway cannon for your next tank cleaning project!

Industrial Fluid Management focuses primarily on industrial service rentals for the petrochemical markets, offering superior service while meeting all of your rental needs.Contact Us

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