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Say Hello To The Industrial Fluid Management Tank Sweep

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Want a less labor-intensive and safer way of cleaning sludge buildup in your oil fuel tanks? Well, say no more!

Industrial Fluid Management now offers an innovative solution for your tank cleaning problems.

An Innovative Solution For Your Tank Cleaning Problems

Introducing Industrial Fluid Management's Tank Sweep.

Now, with the help of technology our tank sweep system offers not only a more precise but safer alternative to traditional methods.

Why use our Tank Sweep?

  • Reduce downtime due to the speed of the systems
  • Lower costs because of the reduction of waste products
  • Increase safety due to its non-entry operation
  • Its usage is better for the environment as it allows for a higher level of hydrocarbon recovery

Tank Sweep Availability

Our Tank Sweep packages are now available for sale and for rent.

These packages are heavily used in the petrochemical market during tank cleaning and waste water applications, as well as in oil recovery projects.

General Specifications

  • Overall Length: 16'8"
  • Overall Width: 4'7"
  • Overall Height: 3'
  • Manway Connection: 18" 150# Flange
  • Process Inlet: 4" 150# Flange
  • Process Suction: 10" 150# Flange
  • Discharge Outlet: 2"
  • Lifting Device: Hand Operated Jack
  • Nozzle Operation: Handwheel
  • Extend/Retract: Manual Hydraulic Cylinder

Filter Pods

  • Pod Diameter: 20”
  • Inlet: 8”150#
  • Outlet: 8”150”
  • Filter Type: Carbon Steel Strainer Basket
  • Skid: Carbon Steel / Spill Containment and Fork Pockets
  • Lifting Device: Winch and cable for lid removal
  • Pod Access: Dual Platform

Tank Sweep Additional Info

  • Material of Construction: Carbon Steel
  • Swivel Type: Gear Driven Swivel Nozzle
  • Skid: Carbon Steel / Spill Containment and Fork Pockets
  • Lifting Device: Lifting Eyes located on sweep

Tank Sweep System Components 

Our Tank Sweep systems are comprised of the following components: 

  • Centrifugal Pump Unit
  • Hydraulic Jacking Pump
  • Filter Units
  • Hoses 
  • Bolt Kit

Rent A Tank Sweep Today

Industrial Fluid Management focuses primarily on industrial service rentals for the petrochemical markets, offering superior service while meeting all of your rental needs.

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