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3-Phase Centrifuges

We offer 3 phase centrifuge packages 21 inch in a hydraulic option. These 3 phase centrifuge rental packages are heavily used in the petrochemical market during tank cleaning and waste water applications, as well as in oil recovery projects.

 Tricanter centrifuges have become an essential components of water waste facilities and the chemical, oil and gas drilling, manufacturing and food processing industries, as well as the hemp manufacturing industry

General Specifications

  • 100% fully self-contained
  • Easy plug and play setup
  • 21” X 84” bowl
  • Fully automated effluent pump system with 500 gallon tank
  • VFD control on bowl, scroll and feed pump
  • Touch screen technology
  • Hydraulic Back drive 
  • 12” swivel solids auger
  • Inline static mixer, injection ports, and polymer/pH injection pumps
  • High throughput capabilities


  • Only needs a very small foot print to set up
  • Fast set up time, max 2 hours
  • Additional drying reduces weight for disposal
  • Less moisture in solids equals less dollars spent at disposal facility
  • Swivel auger allows to fill multiple parts of a solids container without moving the container itself
  • Reduces the total project duration which reduces cost
  • Compatible with tank sweepers - Works great in conjunction with our unique Tank sweeps packages.