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Introducing Our Line of 3-Phase Centrifuge Rentals

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Need help with separating solids from two different liquids?

Industrial Fluid Management offers an innovative solution for your material separation problems.

In the typical separation process, solids are separated from liquids. This scenario can often be accomplished by using a decanter centrifuge. However, in some situations there are 2 liquids of different densities that need to be separated in addition to the solids.

Enter the right solution: Tricanter centrifuges (also known as 3-phase centrifuges).

Why use our 3-Phase Centrifuges?

These 3 phase centrifuge rental packages are heavily used in the petrochemical market during tank cleaning and waste water applications, as well as in oil recovery projects.

Tricanter centrifuges have become an essential component of water waste facilities and the chemical, oil and gas drilling, manufacturing and food processing industries, as well as the hemp manufacturing industry.

General Specifications

  • 100% fully self-contained
  • Easy plug and play setup
  • 21” X 84” bowl
  • Fully automated effluent pump system with 500 gallon divided tank
  • VFD control on bowl, auger and feed pump
  • Touch screen technology
  • Hydraulic Back drive 
  • 12” swivel solids auger
  • Inline static mixer, multiple injection ports, and polymer/pH injection pumps
  • High throughput capabilities


  • Only needs a very small footprint to set up
  • Fast set up time
  • Additional drying reduces weight for disposal
  • Less moisture in solids equals fewer dollars spent at disposal facility
  • Swivel auger allows filling multiple parts of a solids container without moving the container itself
  • Reduces the total project duration which reduces cost
  • Compatible with tank sweeps - Works great in conjunction with our unique Tank sweeps packages.

Where do I get Tricanter Centrifuges?

Are you interested in getting more information on Industrial Fluid Management, 3-Phase Centrifuge Package?

Contact us today! Our company’s continued success and rapid development are due to our ability to provide our clients with top-notch specialty service and excellent value on quality centrifuges.

Rent A Unit Today

Are you interested in renting a 3-phase centrifuge? Industrial Fluid Management, has 3 phase centrifuge rental packages available for rent, as well as for sale.

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